Manifest your Dreams

Draw from the power of visualisation with this set of purposeful holistic products curated to encourage you on your journey towards your dreams. Manifest Your Dreams includes a journal, cosmic card, Palo Santo and a beautifully fragranced candle for moments of focus, introspection and self-care.

Dimensions: 33cmL x 26cmW x 10cmH

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Product Details

The Manifest Journal Is a handwritten, illustrated guide to practical manifestation and to discovering your own magic. Through goal setting, it can help you to bring your dreams, intentions or ideas into the physical world; a practice of turning your thoughts into reality. 

This Cosmic Guidance Oracle Set The set includes a box which contains a guidebook 42 card deck divided into 3 suits - Action, Meaning and Message. Every illustration was created intuitively and has symbolisms and deeper meanings related to the card.  Mountains often symbolise challenges, water symbolises going with the flow, specific flowers and animals illustrated have their own associated meanings. Celestial elements in the artworks such as stars, planets and moons represent our connection with the Universe. 

Dusk Terrazzo Candle This gorgeous limited edition terrazzo jar is specially designed for Candles of Light, handmade in small batches by regional artisans and come with a soft, matte finish. They were designed to be upcycled as brush holders, plant pots or to contain your desktop accessories.   

A 6oz handpoured all natural soy and beeswax candle in our proprietary botanical scent blend, featuring essential oils of floral geranium, earthy patchouli and spice. Size : 6 oz 

Palo Santo with Crystal Responsibly and ethically sourced direct from farmers, these Palo Santo sticks are beautifully bundles with aromatic sage and a crystal. Centuries of botanical wisdom has taught us that Palo Santo is a fragrant and precious wood that exudes peace, connects us to the earth and is also  effective as an organic mosquito repellant. PLEASE NOTE :Each piece will be unique and a little bit different from image shown, Crsytals are individual to each piece, varied and selected at random when packing