Moon Goddess Kit

Summon the inner Moon Goddess with this kit of moon bath rituals, perfume oil and Palo Santo for a cleansing, connecting ritual and reconnect with your deep and true self. Relaxation and peace await.


Product Details

New Moon Bath Tea A grounding, soothing and reflective treat for bathtime. New Moon is inspired by rebirth and renewal, a time of tuning inward and rest. Fragrant like a field of lavender and chamomile, this blend is deeply calming to the mind, soothing to the physical body, and uplifting to the spirit.   

According to Ayurveda, the air and ether element, known as vata, is dominant during the New Moon, evoking a cool and wavering energy. This Bath Tea balances the New Moon’s energy with a combination of grounding and warming botanicals, inviting us to take comfort in the open space in which we plant the seeds of new intentions.  Size: 8 oz

The Full Moon Bath Tea  Is a time of abundance, fertility and light, inspiring celebration and dancing under the lunar glow. A blend of bright calendula, delicate rose and invigorating ginger this bath tea elicits a sense of hope, abundance, beauty and joy. According to Ayurveda, the Full Moon evokes the intensity of the fire element, known as pitta. Designed to simultaneously balance and harness the pitta energy of the Full Moon, this Bath Tea combines cooling and activating botanicals for potent internal and external alignment with the cosmos. This lively blend activates the body and mind for focused energy, delicious sensuality and celebration of having brought our seeds of intention to life. Size : 8 oz      

The Moon Roll On Essential Oil 100% natural perfumes are hand-blended with the highest quality essential oils & specially infused with positive energy & healing crystals.  Using secret-recipe elixirs, these SunMoonRain fragrances have specially customized crystal roller-ball tops to amplify the effects of the application.                    Combining the power & purity of crystals with healing aromatherapy oil, wearing these fragrances will uplift and enegerise, spreading positivity and healing to everyone around. Moon Notes : Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Vanilla, Cacao, Sandalwood