ReCover Somatic Anti Anxiety Blanket


Product Details

The ReCover Blanket uses gentle pressure or "feedback therapy" to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, sending signals of safety through the body. This is akin to being hugged or held and is known alleviate: Anxiety, PTSD/trauma, ADHD,Sleep Disorders, Autism, Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder

Our blankets are filled with tiny glass beads that evenly distribute gentle weight over your body while you rest.Ultra-safe & plush.All our materials are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and stitched into 7 layers of padding to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. The outer layer is high quality cotton and safe for sensitive skin.Cool-safe technology is used so that the body does not get too hot while using the blanket and can be used all year round. Longer length allows you to tuck the blanket under your feet, to enhance the cocoon experience.

Wonderful! The feeling of a weighted blanket is akin to being hugged by a loved one. While it is certainly not the same as a real hug, the gentle feedback that the body receives provides the sense we are not alone. This feeling of connection is paramount to achieving internal safety. "The best self-care tool!"