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We Talk to Lucy B the Creator of Hydra Bloom

The Agora Team caught up with Lucy to discuss how she started Hydra Bloom, and her views on organic skincare and lifestyle. Our conversation below is a window into the brilliant products and her passion for her business .

You are passionate about the health & wellness movement, what began this passion?

I grew up in London in an area close to Hampstead Heath, we were always close to such beautiful nature. My parents were in the music industry and our mother would take us to the coastal towns and across Europe for Holidays by the Sea. It started then for me.

She was passionate about health, dancing and signing. When I located to California many years ago I studied to be a Yoga & meditation teacher when I started my Beauty Company. It has kept my happy and balanced in life.

I have always been psychic and in tune with nature, so Hydra Bloom Beauty was just a natural extension of our lifestyle and beliefs.

How does one start to switch over to an organic skin routine

I'd suggest to start initially with your Body & Skincare Products and eating Organic food and drinks. Our skin is our largest organ and what we eat and place on our skin gets absorbed into our blood stream. It's super important to only use natural and organic products. There are so many wonderful brands out there now and it's so great to try them to see what fits into your lifestyle.

What are your favorite products from your line?

I use our Rose Body and Bath oil every morning after I shower because it smoothes my skin and smells amazing. At nigh time, before bed I always use our Lavender Chillax Essential Oil Roll-on Oil to help me sleep deeper. In Summer its also our Bronzing shimmer Oil because it gives me some colour without too much sun.

What makes them stand out ?

We infuse uplifting confidence enhancing flower essences and botanical extracts plus organic ingredients. This along with the packaging gives them a unique difference. I am always inspired by European beauty from France and London but keep product designs very fresh and beautiful.

You infuse confidence enhancing flower essences into all our products to help women feel their best daily. How do you come up with your formulas?

I am always working on future products, its one of my favourite things to do. New products will come out this summer and more this Autumn/ Fall 2021.

Just like a songwriter I'm always creating, I have notebooks, scrap books, full of colors, notes, ideas and always filter that with what's needed out there in the universe. I meditate and also ask my angels for guidance as to whats next.

We all need more gentleness and balancing so soothing and loving products are my goal.

What has been your best customer feedback?

When we hear about how they use the products and that we have great customer service. Its really nice to chat directly with our customers as this is why we create.

What does kindness mean to you –

Being Patient with others and saying sorry. Helping others to achieve their goals. Loving and talking to animals.. They are our teachers on this planet.

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