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Perfect Presents for Mother’s Day

We will all agree this past year has been intense emotionally for many of us and for mums even more so because they often are the ones who have to juggle work/family life and find time for themselves. They are the glue that keeps the family together and there’s no better time than now to show our gratitude. This Mother’s Day, more than ever, we want to go the extra mile with a unique, unexpected gift to express just how much we cherish and appreciate her. And while a flower bouquet makes a failsafe present, gifting intentional presents forges a deeper impressions and stronger emotional bond between the person who gives and the person who receives, Here, we have curated a cheeky list of presents you can customise and assemble into your own and unique LOVE BOX.

 customise and assemble into your own and unique LOVE BOX.

We are firm believers in the power of the beauty gift. We all need to feel good, and mums especially need pampering. 

Amber Balance Oil

The Hydra Bloom Organic Amber Balance Body Oil is the best gift ever for glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Solis Meditation and Massage Oil
Packed with powerful extracts the mood-boosting Solis Meditation and Massage Oil is amazing to use for gentle massages or daily stress-easing rituals.

Bareskin Facial Elixir
The rich 100% organic Bareskin Facial Elixir made with Jojoba oil is a beyond luxurious, totally nourishing, moisturizing skin treatment.

Citrus Vanilla Body Butter
The Citrus Vanilla Body Butter by Among The Flowers is a dream for anyone dealing with dry skin or dullness.  

Abundance Candle
The scent of the natural soy and coconut wax blend infused with essential oils and premium fragrances Abundance Candle by Made By Yoke is so uplifting and energizing, we just want more of it.

Look Good Feel Good Gifts

Pamper your mum with these gifts

Look good to feel good is an age-old adage that holds true. Pamper your mum with these gifts that will make her look and feel stunning: 

Gold Bangles

Bring style and positive energy to a look with the Yellow Gold Bangles with Hematite Beads by SunMoonRain.

Im Yours Shirt in Black

Elevate your everyday look with the polished Little Joe by Gail Elliott, I’m Yours Shirt.

Hematite Gold Silver Copper Healing Bracelet
The 100% handmade stretch Metallic Gold Hematite Healing Bracelet symbolizes protection, courage and endurance, making this the perfect present for new moms or moms-to-be.

Evil Eye Cotton Face Mask
A sweet Evil Eye Cotton Face Mask to make time outdoors all the more enticing. 

The Kind Friend Journal in Crimson
Start the day on a positive note with the Kind Friend Classic Journal which helps you set goals, track habits and mood - basically your new best friend.

 Looking for more gift ideas to show your love to your mum? ? Visit our online boutique for more options. 


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