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The Art of Self-Care

Self-care isn’t overrated, to say the least. A word we’ve heard more often than not in the pandemic, has become an integral part of our lives during this distressing time. Literally speaking — “self-care is the individual practise of health management without the aid of a medical professional”. But how many of us actually understand what self-care truly means? The name itself implies what it stands for — it’s all about caring for your self; because nobody is entitled to do that for yourself, than you.

A lot of our wellbeing is controlled by our stress, thoughts and mental health. Self-care makes up simple acts of making minor changes to your daily routine that ultimately aid in the betterment of the self. While a lot of us are caught up in the mundanity of to-do lists and achieving goals, we often forget how important it is to just take some time out for yourself. Ironically, the more time you take out for yourself — the more efficient you can be for your day’s work too.

Love Thy Self


The art of mastering self-care is about loving thy self, first. It’s about identifying that you are the ultimate being in your own life. It’s you who will always have your back, when all fails — something we shouldn’t forget and deeply understand before delving into caring for the self. If one doesn’t feel the admiration for themselves, the art of self-care would simply be futile and lead no where.

Evermore Light Candle


Our olfactory sense, which is our sense of smell, has immense power to control our mental and physical state of being. We often underestimate the power our sense of smell holds to control our thoughts and physicality. A good fragrance has the power to elevate your day and bring about clarity of thought that eventually helps in positive thinking. It’s often the scents that take us back to traumatic times and bring out unwanted memories, and the goal is to keep refreshing the brain with better ones that fine-tune the mind to thinking better thoughts.

While you can use aromatherapy - a scientific methodology that uses essential oils to medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit - simply investing in good quality candles with calming scents can do the trick. For something more organic, incense sticks can also help in elevating the energy of your home and facilitating calm vibes around — helping you naturally care for your self better.

Among The Flowers Bath Soak


Salt crystals are known to have a natural ability to absorb negative energy. Our bodies tend to trap negativity during the day - with the people and situations we encounter. A simple way to look after yourself is to add a pinch of rock salt in your bath. While this may not be possible everyday, even indulging in a rock-salt infused bath three times a week can do the trick.  


We often get caught up in saying yes too often and forget that sometimes it’s okay to refuse to adhere to formalities and conformities. Occasionally, the act of saying no when we think it’s too much or out of boundaries can help put “me” first — an act that can be immensely empowering and stress-releasing. By no accepting or agreeing to every action or question that’s put forth us, we can take more control of our lives and eventually care for the self much better.




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