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Whole : 11 Universal Truths For An Inspired Life by Pamela Puja Kirpalani
"With so much gratitude in my heart, never in a million years did I once think I would be sitting with my book 'Whole' finally perched on my lap. 
In early 2017, with waves of ideas and concepts started rattling through my mind and research papers and Harvard Business Journals staring blankly at me- I finally had a breakthrough moment- this was it and now was a better time than ever before to write this book.You see,  in my mind, I was done with the conventional hedonistic hamster-wheel viewpoint of what 'a happy life' stood for. As the words started to pour out as I typed avidly- a vision started to unfold that a more permanent sense of happiness actually comes from true self-contentment - and it was all in the way we carry our values in our daily lives that would give us this unique experience. As the book slowly unraveled, the evolution of the 'Eleven Universal Truths' started coming alive. 'Whole' covers the essence of our most intrinsic values such as Integrity, Humility, Altruism, Willpower, Creativity and more- and how our brain works in tandem with them to create a better life experience for us all. Yet, throughout my journey of writing and publishing this book- I still felt bouts of inadequacy and 'imposter syndrome'. There were days I would stare blankly at the screen and wish that it all could just magically materialise into being. Alas, consistency, purpose and determination was what really got me through these last three years- chipping on one page at a time. Recognising that my need for perfection to create a wonderful piece of art slowly started to diminish as the chapters brought back a strong sense of self-worth. Ironically my own words healed that part of me which always felt amiss. I do hope in all my heart that 'Whole' gives you the tools and awareness that it has so serendipitously provided me with.. Here is to more power, more well-being and ample love to you- my dear friends and readers.."
Pamela Puja Kirpalani
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Trainer & Life Coach


Resham :

So proud of you.

Dec 07, 2020

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